CleepCam is a machine learning enabled wifi camera that recognizes your friends, family or employees. Use our advance face recognition technology to set personal alerts and not motion alerts. Get amazing insights on top of great security!
You upload pictures of your friends or family to your CleepCam account and your CleepCam instantly recognizes them.
It is a collection of all the pictures uploaded to your account.
Your pictures are uploaded either online or via our iOS app. Android coming soon.
Yes can setup an alert for someone by logging into your account and tap the on switch next to their picture. That will setup a search for person in the picture.
CleepCam is used for home security and intuition. It could also be used by small businesses for monitoring and for foot traffic analysis report.
Yes it is. It is also rechargeable and capable of going 10 days without needing a recharge.
Internet connection is required for live view and realtime update when you set personal alerts on your kindred album.
There is a microphone and speaker embedded. You can have a two way conversation using the camera.
Eliminate relevance errors. All other wifi cameras are susceptible to relevance errors which is the reason you keep getting unnecessary alerts. CleepCam gets rid of relevance by using face recognition to get you alerts on your loved ones.
It designed to be the easiest wifi camera to setup. Download the CleepCam app, select your wifi SSID and enter your password to connect.
CleepCam requires 1 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. Most conventional internet connections should work just fine.
  • Blue blink - Video recording in progress
  • Green blink - Camera is turning on
  • Red blink - Battery Low. (20% or less)
  • Red solid - No connection
  • Orange blink - Ready to connect
  • Solid Blue - Software Upgrade in progress
CleepCam automatically uploads videos to the cloud. They can be accessed online on a desktop or through the smartphone via the CleepCam app.
No. You only need a smartphone with the CleepCam app for setup or for changing settings.
$ 189.00 pre order and $230 MSRP
We do not charge for cloud service but we charge a small fee for the kindred monitor/personal alert feature. Each user has 5 free personal alerts every month
All defective devices will be replaced.
Please email us at info@cleepcam.com.
You have 30 days after your CleepCam has been received to return it for full refund.