CleepCam Usge

Why CleepCam?

Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2015, CleepCam aspires to redefine the dynamics of camera security systems. It is a product born of deep passion for innovation and engineered by a team of technology enthusiasts.

We have always been obsessed with innovating and designing products that positively influence the evolution of technology. We also believe in providing the amazingly interactive and absolutely seamless user experience.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of the Internet to everyday products and the future is going to be full of connected devices. By integrating a machine-learning layer over IoT data we can make these devices intelligent and that is exactly what CleepCam is all about. An IoT device that uses machine learning to convert videos into actionable data and deliver intelligent notification.


Where other smart or connected home cameras offer disjointed features and difficult user interfaces, only Cleepcam offers a simple, easy to use interface with a robust offering of features. Our AI enabled wireless home camera and backend services make CleepCam the industry leader in both creativity and innovation.


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